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What a year 2009 has been. If I told you the stories I'd probably talk about my new friend Bruce Swedien. If I told you about the studio upgrades, I'd be talking about a new (old) Neotek Console and Pro Tools HD. I'd tell you about some of the songs I've written and about how the studio is really starting to take off.

I've been very blessed to have some great experiences so far this year, and I'm happy to announce that I'll be sharing some new recordings with the world in the not so distant future. If you know me, you realize I'm never one to rush anything, especially something I enjoy. I think it's worth the wait. I've said it before, but this new recording may not change the world, but it might change mine. It's a collection of ideas and music performed by myself alongside some of the best musicians I know. If that weren't enough, I am extremely proud and fortuante to to call these talented people my friends.

I hope you check back often for news of the release. I don't want to tie myself down with any dates, but I'll say summer time is the right time.

We also have a great schedule of shows that is growing each day. We'll see you at a show. Until then, I wish you health and happiness. Take good care.

"...beautiful melody, tight musicianship and good depth of lyricism."
-Mark Willis, Atlantis Music Conference

"'Imagine My Surprise' makes a strong case for just how high the bar is being set." -Rick Tvedt, Founder Madison Area Music Awards - Owner, Rick's Cafe


The Roots : a collaboration with Greg Waters

"Very rarely will you have the opportunity to hear music this good that isn't produced by a major label! Don't pass this one by!"

-Mark Lush,, 10/25/05

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